IntelibrakeTM System

The IntelibrakeTM System combines a UniDrive® Brushless DC motor with a friction brake, installed on the back of the motor housing, that can be used to hold the motor shaft after the motor has stopped running. One possible use of this brake motor would be to hold a package in place on an incline or decline conveyor after the motor has been stopped.

In order to allow the motor shaft to rotate freely, 24VDC must be applied to the brake control wires to disengage the brake. The brake control wires are not polarity sensitive, so 24VDC can be applied to either brake control wire, with 0VDC being applied to the other brake control wire.

CAUTION: The brake must be disengaged (i.e. 24VDC must be applied to the brake control wires) when the motor is running or the metal case of the brake can become hot to the touch.

To hold the motor shaft after the motor has been stopped, engage the brake by removing 24VDC from the brake control wire.

The motor rotating output from the ACG UniDrive® BMC-2 Control (ACG Part Number 110163) can be used to operate the brake or a customer-supplied PLC. When the BMC-2 control starts the motor, the BMC-2 control applies 24VDC to the brake control wire (via I/O Pin 4 of the BMC-2 control) and the brake then disengages.

When the BMC-2 control stops the motor, the control removes 24VDC from the brake control wire and the brake engages and holds the motor shaft.

Standard Features

  • 24V brushless DC motor with brake
  • 4.63" Ø x 1.5"L
  • Shaft 0.5"Ø x 2.5"L with flat
  • 22" leads with connector
  • 1-100W maximum output
  • 70-280 RPM
  • 15 in-lbf continuous motor torque
  • 8.9 in-lbf static brake torque
  • Apply 24VDC +/-10% to disengage brake
  • Brake coil resistance is 82 Ohms +/-10%
  • 0°C-40°C operating temperature range

Intelibrake system