Automation Controls Group Releases the 24Vdc ProPositioner System

News Release - 4 Mar 2016

Milwaukee, WI – Automation Controls Group (ACG) has released 24Vdc ProPositioner System for use in possible applications as an Electric Actuator and Positioner. 

The Automation Controls Group ProPositioner System consists of a 24Vdc input Control Module (ACG P/N 300461) and a 5:1 PowerCube gear-reducer with integral 24Vdc, 250W, 700rpm Brushless DC Motor and position sensor (ACG P/N 300312).

Together these components allow for very fast rotation of ACG’s PowerCube gear-reducer shaft (for example, 180 degrees of shaft rotation in less than 0.4 seconds) to any of two user-definable shaft positions (i.e. Home and Away) within one 360 degree continuous shaft rotation. 

These two shaft positions are programmable by the user during control set-up and installation and can be set for any angle or position within one 360 degree shaft rotation.  The shaft direction of rotation is selectable, via the control DIP Switches from Clockwise (CW) to Counter-Clockwise (CCW).  Once set the direction rotation is fixed.

The control can be set, via a DIP Switch, for either High-Current Mode, which provides the fastest shaft rotation speed, and requires a 24Vdc, 20A power supply or for Low-Current Mode which allows a lower current 24Vdc, 10A power supply to be used.  The maximum PowerCube gear-reducer shaft torque loading is 75 in-lbs at a maximum shaft speed of 140 rpm.  Higher torque options are also available for the ProPositioner System.  For more information contact us at (619) 677-6530.

Possible end applications might be for use as an Electric Actuator and Positioner in HVAC systems or for operating control valves or for positioning parts in a machine tool application or for controlling the positioning of gates or doors.   The operation of the control (i.e. speed of shaft rotation, etc.) can also be customized for different applications depending on volume.

Founded in 1995, Automation Controls Group (ACG) provides custom process control and automation solutions to system integrators and original equipment (OEMs) with volume requirements. We specialize in combining our proprietary line of DC motors, motor drives, controls and/or application-specific solutions to address customer challenges in the areas of temperature, speed, usage requirements, etc. ACG is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.



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