Automation Controls Group Introduces the UniDrive® Shunt Regulator Model 110547

News Release - 12 May 2015

Milwaukee, WI – Automation Controls Group (ACG) has added the 110547 shunt regulator to its UniDrive® line of motion control products. 

The 110547 shunt regulator is designed to limit the DC bus voltage of ACG’s Unidrive® 110546 motor control when the motor control implements regenerative braking.

Shunt regulators are used to ensure the smooth braking of a large load on an incline in a conveyor system or the smooth deceleration of a heavy vertical load. When regenerative braking is implemented, the control's internal DC bus voltage rises, increasing the external 24VDC power supply voltage. The shunt regulator dissipates this regenerative braking energy as heat in the shunt regulator’s internal resistor. This keeps the external power supply from shutting down on an over-voltage condition and the motor control from activating dynamic braking.

Founded in 1995, Automation Controls Group (ACG) provides custom automation solutions to system integrators and original equipment (OEMs) with volume requirements. We specialize in combining our proprietary line of DC motors, motor drives, controls and/or application-specific solutions to address customer challenges in the areas of temperature, speed, usage requirements, etc. ACG is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.



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