News Release - 14 Feb 2012

MILWAUKEE, WIS. – Automation Controls Group (ACG) Automation Controls Group has released the latest in its series of 24VDC products for material handling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The PowerCube™ series of compact, high-torque drives are especially well suited for a variety of rotary actuators and medium duty pallet handling conveyor systems. The PowerCube™ assembly combines a UniDrive® motor and right angle gearbox into a very compact drive package.

“The PowerCube™ series of products truly illustrates our motto of simplicity in motion by providing a single, compact package capable of addressing a variety of motion control applications,” said Dave Hall, ACG’s vice president.

The unit nearly fits into a 7-inch by 7-inch by 7-inch cube. It supports high torque applications from 40 to well over 200 in·lbf torque. With the mating UniDrive® brushless DC controls, the dynamic speed range of a PowerCube™ assembly goes from full speed down to 20___% of full speed, supporting applications that require variable speeds. Depending on the model, speeds can range from over 100 RPM on a 5:1 with a high speed motor down to less than 2 RPM for a 30:1 with the low speed motor.

ACG also provides unique products to meet specialized OEM needs, by customizing their existing control products and mechanical components to support applications with unique requirements.

Founded in 1995, ACG provides custom automation solutions to system integrators and original equipment (OEMs) with volume requirements. We specialize in combining our proprietary line of DC motors, motor drives, controls and/or application-specific solutions to address customer challenges in the areas of temperature management, speed control, etc.

ACG is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and has a sales office near Nashville, TN.

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