Automation Controls Group is here to help companies solve problems in a way that creates long-term competitive advantage. By engineering custom solutions with a minimum of up-front investment, we help companies create Intellectual Property while addressing market needs. Here’s an example: 

A Typical Design Problem:

Company A knows that their customers need to have a device that will rotate at relatively low speed and relatively high torque in order to adjust something, a pump, for instance. And they need to do this in response to changing conditions that they can measure using sensors located at the inputs and output of the equipment. 

The Typical Solution:

  1. They start with a small, three phase AC induction motor, which is readily available, reliable for the long term and relatively cost effective. But it runs much faster than the application requires and doesn’t provide as much torque as is necessary.
  2. They add a gearbox that reduces the speed and increases the torque enough to match the highest operating speed the system requires. But in the case of a pump, for instance, the speed will have to be adjusted in response to changing conditions such as the temperature of the fluids coming into the system.
  3. They add a variable frequency controller that allows them to adjust the speed of the AC motor.
  4. Since they need to monitor the temperature of the inputs and output of the system, they acquire at least three thermocouples.
  5. They add a small computer, or other device that allows them to interpret the information provided by the thermocouples.
  6. Finally, they write a program that makes the adjustments necessary to adjust the speed of the motor in order to deliver the results that their customer requires.


The ACG Alternative – A Simpler Solution

We’ll start with the assumption that the solution has potential, and that your company is willing to commit some resources to designing a product specific to the application. We might suggest the following course of action:

  1. Design a three phase brushless DC motor (bldc) with a large number of poles that operates at the maximum speed and torque required.
  2. Incorporate a variable speed function in the motor control that will match your full operating speed range.
  3. Add appropriate connections on the motor control board for the thermocouples (or other sensors) and make use of the on-board microprocessor to allow the motor to automatically respond to the changing inputs.

Why the ACG Solution is Worth It

The ACG solution delivers an optimum solution to you problem – at the lowest total cost (Lowest TCO). Our solutions are better because:

  1. Less Parts:
    • Eliminating the gearbox makes our much more reliable.
    • Not to mention other issues such as gearbox lubricants or noise, if that’s an issue.
    • Less parts mean less inventory, less items to stock, and less parts to manage.
  2. Efficiency:
    • Because Brushless DC motors are typically more efficient than standard AC induction motors, our BLDC motor will consume less total power.
    • Eliminating the gearbox also increases efficiency.
    • A custom motor, which delivers the amount of power your application needs, and no more, optimizes power consumption.
  3. Intellectual Property:
    • This will become a proprietary solution for your Company. That doesn’t mean that Company B or Company C cannot attempt a reverse engineering effort, but here Simplicity is better because it is harder to copy.
    • Everyone doesn’t have the capability of designing and manufacturing a complete motor and control system to meet your needs. Automation Controls Group does.